Python and foundations of Data Science

Python and foundations of Data Science


A joint offering from UNP and Aurora's Degree College

Python and foundations of Data Science

At the end of this course you will be:

Industry ready for analytics project using python

able to confidently appear for python and analytics interviews for freshers

able to showcase your own analytics project on GitHub

*Starting September 2021 !

Virtual classroom contents :(36 of Contact Teaching, 120 hrs of self learning and practice):

Week 1 – Python groundwork
Week 2 – Python foundational concepts
Week 3 – Python data management, pandas and basic descriptive analytics
Week 4 – Python plotting and foundation of descriptive analytics
Week 5 – Python statistics package & project kick-off
Week 6 – Python machine learning packages
Week 7 – Final presentation

Project Topics:

– Telecommunication – the rate of adoption and prediction of internet usage in rural India
– E-commerce – recommendation of products from previous purchase history
– Health care – prognosis from ICU data
– Finance & Banking -balanced portfolio design by identification of correlated and contra related stocks
– Power and heavy industry – predicting equipment failure and reliability from past operation data

More for you:

Additional self-learning materials and assignments
Discussion forum for immediate doubts
Quiz, class assignments, practice work
Peer-to-peer assignment discussion

The top team gets an internship opportunity with an experience certificate at the end of the internship program

To obtain the certification, you have to:

Join at least 80% of the classes
Obtain a total of 60% in the class assignments and the final assignments
Present the project work and submit the code in the git repository

Meeting-amico (1)

Course fees:

– Course Fees: 2500 + GST = 2950

For any queries, please contact us at:

– Email at: reachout@unp.education

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– Aurora college phone number:

*Starting September 2021 !