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Our mentors are not just teachers; they are role models, guides, and industry experts committed to shaping the future of data science.

Make a Difference in Data Science

Share your industry insights, experience, and passion for data science to inspire and guide students through their educational journey.

Roles and Opportunities

Full-Time Mentor

Engage fully with our programs, leading classes, workshops, and hands-on sessions. This role is ideal for those who are deeply passionate about teaching and shaping the minds of aspiring data scientists.

Part-Time Mentor

Contribute on a flexible schedule, balancing your professional commitments while imparting valuable knowledge and skills to our students.


Volunteer your time and expertise to provide real-world insights, industry trends, and guide students on complex projects. Your involvement can make a significant impact on their professional growth.

Why Mentor With Us?

Empower the Next Generation

Play a pivotal role in nurturing budding data scientists, shaping their career paths, and opening doors to new opportunities.

Enhance Your Professional Development

Mentoring at [Educational Institution Name] is not just about teaching; it's about growing as a leader, expanding your network, and staying updated with the latest in data science.

Join a Global Network

Connect with other professionals, industry leaders, and educators in our expansive community. Our collaborative environment fosters learning, innovation, and connections.

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Our Mentor Community

Amar Vajjhala
Amar Vajjhala
CEO, Co-founder
Sovan Nayak
Sovan Nayak
Lead, Business Analytics
Palash Pal
Palash Pal
Lead, Data Science

How to Get Involved

Express Interest

Fill out our application form to let us know about your expertise and preferred mentoring role.

Engage with Us

We’ll connect with you to discuss your interests, align them with UNP’s mission, and explore opportunities to best contribute to UNP’s programs.

Start Mentoring

Once onboarded, you’ll have the opportunity to start making a difference immediately, guiding students through their learning journey and beyond.

Have Questions? Find The Answers

What kind of projects will mentors work on?

Mentors at [Educational Institution Name] work on diverse projects across various sectors like healthcare, finance, and technology, applying data science in real-world contexts.

What's the time commitment?

We value the time our mentors can offer and provide flexible options to accommodate different schedules.

Who Creates the Curriculum for the courses?

Mentors create the courses