Cancellation and Refunding Policy

Cancellation and Refunding Policy

United Network of Professionals (registered name: United Data Science Professional) hereinafter referred to as UNP is a private limited company and engages itself in the practices and business of education, research and consultation.


UNP provides educations through online classes, MOOCs and classroom classes. The course fees are not refundable in any circumstances.

However, the student can request for utilizing the money for another UNP course or session within the next one year. In this case, the student has to inform the UNP administration at least 10 days prior to the scheduled first lecture of the course. In such cases, the student has to send an email to ‘reachout@unp.education’ with a request to defer.

In case, UNP is unable to offer the same or similar course within 1 year from the date requested, UNP will share return back the money after adjusting for the tax that UNP might have paid from the received amount.

Research & Consultation:

Research and consultation payments are done based on individual agreements with the companies or parties receiving the service. Payment schedule, cancellation and refunding policy will be part of the respective agreements.