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Business Analytics Courses We Offer

Mastering Business Intelligence with Power BI

Step into the world of Business Intelligence (BI) with UNP.

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Business Analytics with Microsoft Excel

Step into the world of Data Analytics with UNP.

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SQL for Data Analytics


SQL for Data Analytics

Step into the world of Database Management with UNP.

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About UNP's Business Analytics Course

In today's dynamic business landscape, business analytics reigns supreme. Gone are the days of gut-based decisions; success hinges on extracting actionable insights from the ever-growing data ocean. And at the helm of this transformative voyage lies your powerful compass: the potent trio of Excel, SQL, and Power BI.

The demand for skilled business analysts is painting the town red across industries. From traditional finance and marketing to cutting-edge healthcare and tech, companies crave professionals who can bridge the gap between data and decisions.

After completing the course you will get your own

  • Life-time access to the resources
  • Block-chain enabled certificate
  • Portfolio of Business Analytics Dashboards
  • Mentorship & Interview Assistance

Follow the Road to Success

Our comprehensive learning path is meticulously crafted to guide you through the stages of becoming a proficient Business Analyst. Starting with foundational concepts, you progress through hands-on exercises, real-world projects, and advanced techniques. The curriculum is designed to ensure that you gain a deep understanding of business analytics principles and acquire the practical skills needed to excel in the field.

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Excel for Data Analytics

Starting with essential Excel tools, functions, & formulas, go beyond the basics into advanced pivot tables, data visualization, and automation with macros to tell compelling data stories.

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Business Intelligence with Power BI

Dive into the world of data visualization, exploring dashboards and apply dashboarding techniques to real-world problems, honing your practical skills.

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SQL For Data Analytics

Get solid foundation in using SQL (Structured Query Language) - the programming language used for managing and manipulating relational databases.


We Help You Kickstart Your Career in Data

Recruiters look for Analysts who not only love crunching numbers, but come ready with an impressive business acumen. Get your dream job as an Analyst – build a strong foundation, apply real-world learnings, create your project portfolio and step confidently into the world of Business Analytics.

This is How it Works

Learning Made Fun with Capstone Projects

Ditch the outdated textbook methods and embrace the future of education! With our 'Learning by Doing' ethos, we guarantee not just theoretical knowledge, but practical skills that will make you stand out. Dive into the sea of real-world scenarios and emerge as a seasoned professional.

Peer-to-Peer Learning & Networking

You're not just learning; you're growing with your peers. Our program champions collaborative learning, letting you work in teams, share perspectives, and cultivate a collective intelligence. Harness the power of diverse thoughts and amplify your analytical prowess.

Live Sessions & Instant Doubt Solving

Got a burning question? We're here, live, to quench that fire! Our real-time sessions ensure that your curiosity never goes unanswered. With instant doubt resolution, you get clarity on-the-spot, ensuring continuous and seamless learning.

Master Topics with Assignments

Each lesson is a step towards mastery, and our assignments make sure you solidify every bit of it. Tailored to recapitulate the crux of every session, these tasks will sharpen your skills, refine your understanding, and prepare you for bigger challenges.

Blockchain-Based Certificate

In an age of digital transformation, why should certificates remain old-school? Our course culminates with a Blockchain-based decentralized certificate. Not just a symbol of your proficiency, but a cutting-edge, tamper-proof testament to your dedication and expertise.

Deliver Fluent Presentations

we emphasize the importance of presentation skills, empowering you to effectively communicate your findings to diverse audiences— a crucial skill set for any successful Business Analyst.


Have Questions? Find The Answers

What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics involves using data, statistical analysis, and machine learning techniques to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Who should enroll in these courses?

These courses are designed for anyone interested in data analysis, from beginners with no prior experience to intermediate users looking to hone their skills in SQL, Excel, and Power BI.

Do I need prior experience in data analysis to enroll?

No, our courses are structured to accommodate beginners. However, familiarity with basic computer operations is recommended.

What are the system requirements for these courses?

A computer with internet access, Microsoft Excel, and Power BI Desktop installed. SQL courses may require specific database software, which will be specified in the course materials.

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