Business Analytics with Excel and Power BI

Business Analytics with Excel and Power BI

Course Description

The course will train students in making data-driven business decisions by covering the 3 key areas of analytics applications: (i) Descriptive Analytics, (ii) Predictive Analytics, and (iii) Prescriptive Analytics. Students will be empowered towards an analytical mindset by providing them the knowledge and tools to describe data, predict, and make informed business decisions.

The course will cover most widely used business applications of Analytics: Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc. Students will gain exposure to a spectrum of real-world business applications and challenges, learn the tools & techniques, identify & resolve issues with data, and derive conclusions backed by a strong quantitative data-driven approach.

The primary focus of the course is Project-based learning where students will work on various Industry level Analytics projects and gain confidence in doing Business Analytics projects. For the Capstone Project, students will apply the concepts and skills on a business case and datasets to make business strategy recommendations. Students will present the Capstone projects to faculties,
colleagues, and judges.

For Whom

The course is suitable for students from Commerce, Management, and Physical Sciences who are interested on a career in Analytics but have no experience in programming languages like Python, R, etc which are required for career as a Data Scientist or Data Engineer.. We recommend them Business Analyst roles which require hands-on knowledge on data visualization tools like Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, etc and an analytical approach towards business decision making.

* Starting 20-Aug-2022!
Fees: INR 7,500 (inclusive of GST)

Business Analytics with Excel & Power BI

At the end of this course you will be:

Successful students will enhance their concepts in Business Analytics and gain hands-on experience on relevant applied Business projects.
✓ Industry ready for analytics project using python

✓ They will be comfortable using Excel and Tableau, two widely used visual analytics tools in the

✓ Be able to bridge the gap between ‘college to corporate’ and be job-ready. Showcase projects in their resume and confidently present during interviews.

✓ Publish their projects on GitHub and create their digital footprints.

Career Opportunities

Students can opt for a career as a Business Analyst. Business Analysts work with data and liaise with different departments in an organization to making intelligent, informed, data-driven strategic decisions that will boost the company’s growth and profits.
There are opportunities in every industry, private and government, non-profit, and across every departments/function, management, IT, finance, research, HR, operations, etc.
Management consulting, analytics, IT, accounting, finance, investment banking, and market research are the leading recruiters offering handsome compensations and career growth.

Tool: Excel

Business Analytics

Project Topics

The projects will be simulated as to how a real-time project is executed in corporate
organizations across various industries.
✓ Finance – balanced portfolio design by identification of correlated and contra related stocks
✓ Banking – credit-card fraud deduction, insurance premium, customer credit scores
✓ Econometrics – forecast macroeconomic indices like GDP, crude price price
✓ Supply Chain – forecast shelf-inventory, assortment for clarity on customer consumption behaviour,
and the uptime of in-service equipment to identify and prevent downtime.
Telecommunication – the rate of adoption and prediction of internet usage
E-commerce – recommendation of products from previous purchase history, customer segmentation
Web/ OTT – movie recommendation, search engine recommendation, tweets categorization

At the end of the project, students will get to present their findings and recommendations to Industry leaders, faculties, and colleagues which will help them get accustomed to the life cycle of a project as executed in the industry.


✓ Additional self-learning materials and assignments
✓ Sessions from Industry experts
✓ Help create Digital footprints
✓ Resume preparations, Presentation & Interview skills
✓ Discussion forum for immediate doubts
✓ Quiz, class assignments, practice work


✓ Students will receive a course completion Certificate from UNP upon successful
submission of assignments and Capstone projects.

Course Details:

– Course Fees: INR 7,500/- (inclusive of GST)

For any queries, contact us at:

– Email: reachout@unp.education

– Phone number: +91 75960 32269

* Starting 20-Aug-2022!