Academic Partners

Academic Partners

Businesses are embracing emerging technologies at a rapid speed. As a result, professionals skilled in AI, blockchain, IoT, cybersecurity etc. are in high demand. Moreover, this demand is increasing exponentially, creating a huge demand for professionals qualified in emerging technologies.  

There is immense opportunity in developing talents skilled in emerging technologies. More so when automation and AI are taking away typical IT jobs.

Our academic partners include schools, colleges, universities. We share the trending skills, the projections of the upcoming job market, and the latest technology stack for classroom and virtual education delivery with our academic partners. Most of the time, we help our academic partners curate and offer new courses, thereby opening new revenue streams. We strive to recommend opportunities that make the best use of the institute’s existing setup.

Our primary objective is to support our academic partners to remain at the forefront of the education world and remain relevant.

Scope of partnership include (but is not limited to):

Help partner institutes offer new courses in emerging technology. Initial support with UNP experts in course delivery.

Faculty development program in emerging technologies and make the institute self-sufficient.

Industry projects and relevant data on emerging technology and connect with industry experts.

Full technology stack for online, offline and mixed delivery. Integration with the existing platform if required.

Virtual and physical Lab setup for extensive hands-on work. Maximum utilization of the institute’s existing facilities.

Marketing and outreach beyond the institute’s student base. Masterclasses together with the institute and gauge the demand.

Connect with UNP recruitment partners and recruitment drive for emerging technology skills.

Help in shaping up programs for developing student’s digital footprint, soft skills and interview readiness.

Help students to represent the institute in international competitions, hackathons and join open source communities.

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