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About Us

About UNP


UNP started in 2016 when a group of like-minded professionals came together to develop other professionals in the space of artificial intelligence. UNP professionals believe that AI has the potential to make this a better world.
At UNP, we strive to develop data scientists who are committed to sustainability and train them to shape a healthy future for our planet.
Almost every organization today is trying its best to operate sustainably and support the planet. But how do they assess the impact of their efforts or know if they can do better? At UNP, we believe that the most effective way is through collecting and digging into data to make informed decisions. And to achieve the global goals for sustainability, we will require an army of data warriors trained on sustainable development.
UNP affiliated data scientists not only thrive to make it fair for the planet but also every individual, like you and me. They are trained to identify biases, explain the outcome of their models, and the cost of a wrong decision.

United Network Of Professionals

At UNP we believe that AI and Data Science will play a significant role in the sustainable development of this planet. This leads us to a mission where we are developing talents in AI and Data Science with a special focus on sustainable development. While sustainability is an umbrella term, our activities are aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We are also helping our corporate partners to achieve their sustainability targets. Here we work with them and up-skill their people as well as help them in relevant projects. There many who found UNP courses to be very in-depth and application-oriented. So many interested people from other fields also join UNP courses. For many of them these course helped them to drive the sustainability goals of their organization.

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