Partners are at the heart of what we do. Without our partners, we can’t make the impact we wish to. Our partners feel equal ownership of what we do. Together with our partners, we curate future relevant skill development programs, build next-generation technologies for learning, and connect skilled students with recruiters. And whatever we do together with our partners, we make sure to listen to our partners and help each other move forward.

Our primary partners are:

  • Academic Partners
  • Network Professionals
  • Corporate & Startup Partners
  • Recruitment Partners
  • NGOs

We would like you to join UNP as a partner and take advantage of the incredible opportunities from UNP and partners. So please drop us a note, and we can start our discussion. Don’t worry if you or your organization does not fall in one of the above categories. We welcome you to read UNP Thesis. If you find any possible synergy with UNP, please contact us; we will be happy to talk.