United Network of Professionals

Education like never before!


At UNP, we envisage a world with equitable and quality education, leading to gainful employment for all. Our mission is to minimize all barriers between sources of knowledge and learners. In this endeavour, we are developing the world’s first decentralized education system (deEd), a visionary platform that will work towards effective learning and quality education that everyone deserves. UNP is aligned with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals SDG#4 - ‘Quality Education for All’ and SDG#8 ‘Decent work and Economic Growth’ and is determined to progressively work towards achieving the goal by 2030.


Decentralization of the education system is an absolute requirement for making knowledge and learning assistance accessible to learners. In its pursuit to achieve its mission, UNP is transitioning into a DAO. Everyone part of UNP’s mission will be able to contribute and share the benefits.


Mastery of a subject matter leads to gainful employment and economic growth. At UNP, we follow the pedagogy of Mastery Learning by keeping the bar high to ensure learners achieve mastery. Our programs give students a conducive environment to gain mastery by applying the learnings on industry-relevant projects to become Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).


UNP was started in 2016 when a group of like-minded and experienced professionals from various spheres of Data Science, Business Analytics, Technology, and Education came together with a unified goal to share knowledge and technical skills with others. We strongly believe that knowledge should be shared in its truest form to transcend.
By applying Mastery Learning pedagogy, we help students build a robust conceptual foundation in Data Science, Business Analytics, AI, and Technology with an emphasis on delivering application-based learning with curated projects.
Through College partnerships, online synchronous courses, MOOCs (Massive open online courses), FDPs (Faculty development programs), and webinars, UNP has trained around 25,000 students so far globally.




At UNP, we are committed to giving the best learning experience to every student. Our courses are in sync with the latest trends and skills required for students to excel in their academic and professional endeavors. We help students build a robust conceptual foundation in Data Science, Data Analytics with a deep focus on instilling interest and confidence. We lay a lot of emphasis on soft skills like presentation skills, communications skills, etc. for all- round grooming.


At UNP, we believe in learning by doing. Hence, we focus on application-based learning with curated hands-on capstone projects. Students spend the majority of the course time working on industry-relevant projects and presentations. We also work on each student’s digital footprint for their professional preparedness.


Our faculties have vast industry and academic experience in Data Science and Analytics with a strong commitment towards empowering the next generation of Analytics professionals with the right knowledge of Analytics, Data Science and industry Applications.